Is the color of cabinet you
wanted now sold out?

Not every color, size or style is going to be available as inventory dwindles.  Here are some ideas and out-of-the box thinking to help you still take advantage of these great prices:

  • Buy another color from our inventory and paint it
    • All the colors are based on Sherwin-Williams colors and are easy to match.  
    • Ex:  if a Black Shaker W1536 is not available, look at a White Shaker W1536 and paint it Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black
  • Order “fill-in” cabinets from the same manufacturer 
    • The cabinets being sold from Builder’s Clearance are from a liquidation at a wholesale multi-family cabinet manufacturer.  This manufacturer only sells container loads to apartment complexes.  However, for this sale they have agreed to make limited skus available for general public purchase at an affiliated company:  Wholesale Expo in Newnan, GA.
    • Please note that the “fill-in” cabinets purchased from Wholesale Expo will be at regular retail prices, and you will need to buy those “fill-in” cabinets directly from Wholesale Expo
  • Use different color bases and walls, islands, or pantries
  • Buy the bases from us and the walls from someone else or vice versa

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