Need Help Designing, Measuring, or Installing?

Builder’s Clearance Online Outlet only sells the product – not the services.  But the good news is that many others DO sell the accompanying services.

Measuring/Installation Services

  • Nextdoor on Facebook – neighborhood Facebook pages or listservs are often great places to find recommendations
  • There are many YouTube videos available to walk you through the process if you are a DIYer

Kitchen Design Services

Best practices: 

  • We highly recommend that whoever is going to install your kitchen also be responsible for the measuring and maybe even the designing of your kitchen.  Even if you can’t find a one stop shop for design and measure/install, you should make sure that everyone involved in the project agrees that the design is going to work in your actual kitchen.


  • To fully take advantage of our constantly falling prices, we recommend you be flexible in your design as inventory dwindles.  And maybe even buy an extra filler and an extra wall and base cabinet, one size down, just in case…

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