Pickup/Shipping Location and Scheduling

  • The pickup/shipping warehouse is in Newnan, GA
  • After purchase, an invoice will be emailed to you with a link to directions, address, and a link to a calendar to schedule a pickup date and time
  • Depending on what dates and time slots are available, you will be able to schedule your pickup from 2 days after purchase up to January 8th, 2022.

Are you having your items shipped or are you picking them up?

  • If you are picking up your order yourself, just schedule and we will see you then!
  • If you need your item shipped or delivered to you, we have some suggestions of companies that you can contact.  But please note that you will need to fully make these arrangements yourself.
  • Here are a few of the options for shipping and delivery
    • https://www.tommyrun.com     This is a building materials delivery company located in Georgia
    • https://www. bungii.com    This is the “Uber” for people with pickup trucks
    • https://www.uship.com   This is a direct matching company for consumers to match to delivery truckdrivers across the country
    • And there are many other LTL trucking companies located throughout the country such as Southeastern and Daylight Trucking.
  • If you are arranging shipping or delivery of your order, we suggest scheduling a pickup date only after you have talked to and contracted a shipper.
  • If a shipping company needs an estimated weight and size of your shipment, please use these as averages to calculate:
    • Each 4×4 pallet can hold up to 20 cabinets
    • A wall cabinet weighs on average 40lbs
    • A base cabinet weighs on average 65lbs
    • A pantry or tall cabinet weighs on average 120lbs
    • A trim piece weighs on average 5 lbs
    • **Please note trim pieces are often 8ft long and fragile.  And they are a 50/50 gamble when shipping.